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Big Sky Bonus Tracks

Our goal is to create a space for artists to be heard and appreciated, and to help you, our audience, discover new music that you'll love. We created Big Sky Bonus Tracks as an intimate music series to feature musicians, their music, and the stories that inspire them. If you're looking for inspiration for your own endeavors, some new road trip jams, or just checking out the local scene, we hope you'll be as inspired as we are by the artists that make up the Big Sky Country.

Aaron, Lucas, Mitch, Schyler

Bodie, Po

Formed in 2022 by four local creative dudes with a passion for music, Big Sky Bonus Tracks is a platform for musicians to share their stories and songs in video form. The crew is committed to capturing raw musical experiences in the Big Sky while helping you discover new music that’ll have you jumping for the “repeat” button.

If you’re a Montana local, chances are you’ll see some familiar faces featured in high resolution while listening to high-quality sound mixed and mastered by Sam Gertsch. The filming crew, made up of Aaron Martin, Lucas Treptow, Mitch Lagge, and Schyler Allyn, plot new video shoots, dream big, think local, and spark ideas about how to grow camaraderie and teamwork in the Montana music scene.

Whether it’s an on-location shoot capturing musician’s songs in the expansive wilderness surrounding Red Lodge, or an intimate small-stage recording experience at the Roosevelt Center, the Big Sky Bonus Tracks crew is proud to offer its services free-of-charge to the musicians.